Waterfall Island

Welcome to Waterfall Island. You found it! What are you waiting for? Explore Waterfall Island!

Hello Traveler

You have discovered an island. It’s the island from the myth, what was it called? Rainbow Clouds? Waterfall mountain? Ah yes, Waterfall Island. How exciting! Go on and explore it!


Look, there’s a little waterfall. And look at the sky, so colorful!

The myth of Waterfall Island

Do you know the myth of Waterfall Island? Well, it all started a few hundred years ago, when two travelers came back from their journey with a story: They had discovered an island that wasn’t on their map. Nobody believed them and so the story became a myth. Some people call it The Rainbow Mountains, others call it Waterfall Island. I like the last one. Anyway, when the two travelers went back to the island, it was gone, like it was never there. How’s that possible?

A few years later, the two travelers planned to get back to the island again. They went to the exact same place as the first time. There was nothing there, but then something arose from the sea, and there it was! Waterfall Island was slowly forming from out of nowhere. The travelers lived on the island for some time. But when the island started moving and slowly returning to the place where it came from, the sea, the two travelers hurried to their boat with their discoveries: a shiny yellow rock and a jar of water from the waterfall. They sailed back to their village and showed people what they had discovered and told them their story again. They still didn’t believe them. And so it continued to be a myth, until now.

This is a drawing that one of the two travelers made after he saw the island the second time.