The Pet Rock Family

Meet The Pet Rock Family

This is Maya. She likes to make jokes and has big dreams to become a comedian. She also has an obsession with puzzles.

This is Jimmy. He is Maya’s twin brother. He likes to fly planes and he really loves pancakes with butter.

This is Maddy. She has her own “comfort corner” where she likes to read a lot of books and escape to her own fantasy world.

This is Phil. He is a fashion designer and he likes bright colors. He also saw a pink bird once.

This is Samantha. She likes to keep it simple. She wants to be a writer someday.

This is Gary. He likes to cook really delicious cakes. He has big dreams to become a famous chef.

This is Jacky. She likes to party and make lots of friends. She secretly has an obsession with green shoes.

This is Billy. He loves lemonade. He lives life to the fullest by looking up at the sky and the clouds every day.

This is Keira. She is quiet, but don’t let that fool you. She loves acting and wants to be famous one day.

This is Mike. He likes t-shirts and sweatpants. He loves to play basketball with his buddies.

This is Jenny. She wants to travel the world and collect all kinds of sand. When she is not traveling, she likes to watch reality shows.